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Most Popular Policies of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

  • Bajaj Allianz Critical Illness Policy
    This policy pays out hefty amount upon diagnosis of critical illness of proposer.
    Key features of Critical Illness Policy
    • Coverage is available for 10 critical illnesses
    • Lifelong renewal option available
    • 10% family discount available in policy.
    • Personal disability and death cover
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  • Bajaj Allianz Family Floater Health Guard Policy
    The plan aims to cover an entire family which means any insured member of the policy can utilize the sum insured to pay hospitalization expenses.
    Key features of Family Floater Health Guard plan
    • Coverage available for laser eye surgery after 4 years of waiting period
    • No sub-limits applicable on boarding and room rent
    • Availability of second opinion in case of critical illness
    • Discount on premium is applicable if proposers opt for deductible
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  • Bajaj Allianz Health Care Supreme Policy
    The policy provides coverage for medical expenses and it comes with variants like individual and family floater.
    Key features of Health Care Supreme Policy
    • Availability of add-on covers like personal accident cover, ancillary cover, critical illness cover
    • Lifetime renewal and lifetime entry available
    • No sub-limit on room rent
    • Co-pay is not applicable
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About Bajaj Allianz Insta Insure Policy

Now what is better then a Pick, tick so quick policy that involves only 3-step procedure of selecting desired insurance plan, picking the kit to fill proposal form, paying premium by cash methods of cheque/card/cash and get insured, this is a special feature of Bajaj Allianz. Bajaj Allianz Insta Insure policy provides a complete health protection plan for insurer and family with a life cover of 1lakh Insta Insure policy cover medical cost and expenses to reduce financial burden in times of pain and stress.

Types of Plans

  1. Self
  2. Self + Spouse
  3. Self + Spouse +1child
  4. Self + Spouse +2 children

Age band

Proposer and spouse- 18years to 45years

Children- 3months to 45years

Key Features

  • Family floater policy covering pre and post hospitalization expenses and personal accident benefit
  • PA & Health cover is provided for healthy individuals without any history of pre-medical ailments makes it an annoyance free policy.
  • There is no requirement of medical check-up till 45years of age
  • Single premium coverage for all family members
  • Policy renewal limits up to 70years of age
  • Cashless facility in 2400+ hospitals all over country
  • Tax benefit can be claimed under 80D section of Income Tax Act

Specific feature of Insta Insure

  • Person proposing policy is benefited with a life cover of Rs. 1 Lakh in case of accidental death
  • Direct advantage of 2% of hospitalization expenses is provided to control pre and post medical expenses.
  • 130 days care facility provided subject to T&C
  • Emergency ambulance charges of Rs. 1000 included in policy

Premium cost

Insurance Sum (Rs. 1lakh)

Age- 3months to 45years


Rs. 1,550

Self + Spouse

Rs. 2,050

Self + Spouse +1child

Rs. 2,300

Self + Spouse +2 children

Rs. 2,550

Policy Coverage details

Policy hospitalization Benefits



Expenses of nursing, boarding and room of hospital/nursing homes along with service and registration charges

Up to 1% of SI per day

Intensive care unit expenses

Up to 2% of SI per day

All admissible claims under above mentioned criteria during the period of policy

Up to 30% of SI per sickness/injury


Consultant, Surgeon, Medical practitioner, Anaesthetist and specialist charges

Up to 30% of SI per sickness/injury


Emergency ambulance

Up to Rs. 1000/-





Theatre charges

Surgical Appliances

Drugs and medications





Cost of pacemaker

Artificial Limbs

Up to 40% of SI per sickness/injury


  • Diseases and sickness present before the time of proposing insurance have to limit the waiting period of 4years
  • Any illness or infection diagnosed within 30days of policy inspection.
  • Diseases excluded from the conditions of policy advantages are ulcers, hydrocele, congenital disease, skin surgery, hydrocele, prostatic hypertrophy, hernia, fistulas, haemorrhoids, fissure, uterine bleeding, stones in urinary track and biliary systems, ear/tonsils/ adenoids surgery.
  • Joint replacement and cosmetic surgery
  • Congenital external conditions
  • Diseases caused by consumption of drugs and alcohol
  • Suicide, unlawful activity, criminal intended accidents
  • Non allopathic treatments
  • Sexually transmitted diseases involving AIDS is not covered under this policy